Hooray! The Letterlanders are here in Singapore, and they are enjoying themselves while exploring all these places of interests on our sunny little island! This is the first of a three-part series of the Letterlanders in Singapore!

Can you guess where Eddy Elephant went?

Let us take a look at how much fun he had on his day out!

Do you know this place?

Yes, Eddy Elephant visited the Esplanade! We can see it’s spiky exterior over two large oval domes. There are many musicals and performances that are held at the Esplanade yearly, and tourists love to take a look at its marvelous architecture! You can reach the Esplanade by bus or train, and there are many pieces of art installations around the space to admire too!


What else did Eddy Elephant do at the Esplanade…?

Eddy Elephant performed his favourite song on stage!

What an exciting performance by Eddy Elephant! He sings, he dances, and he can even juggle eggs! How amazing is Eddy Elephant?

You can colour in Eddy’s performance at the Esplanade in this colouring sheet too! Remember to share your awesome work with us on Facebook and Instagram!

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Image of Esplanade credits here.