We are in the third and final post of our three-part series featuring the Letterlanders in Singapore! We will be celebrating National Day tomorrow, and we have something uniquely Singaporean to share with our friends in Letterland. Singapore is known to be hot and humid, and it is wonderful to have a cool treat under the heat. We have Mr I to the rescue today!

As we know, Mr I is the Ice Cream Man. He sells ice cream in Letterland, and what can you see in his hand? Yes, he is holding an ice cream cone! What do you think Mr I will do in Singapore? Sell some ice cream on our sunny island, of course!

Look at the wonderful pushcart that Mr I has. He looks just like the ice cream man along the roadside, and he offers the rainbow bread ice cream sandwich too! Yummy!

Does this make you feel like eating some ice cream too? Before you do, we have one more colouring sheet for you. Remember to share your creative works with us via Facebook or Instagram!

And finally, Happy Birthday to our home, Singapore!

Happy National Day! cool

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