Learning Is Fun!

Letterland makes it such a fun and engaging process for children, teachers and parents alike, through its unique, phonics-based approach in teaching reading, writing and spelling to 3-8 year olds.

Suitable for All

Early Years

(Age 2-4)

The Letterland Early Years teaching level provides children with a solid foundation for learning to read, write and spell.


(Age 5 – 6)

Phonics covers essential spelling patterns for all 44 sounds of the English language, including wide range of interactive resources.

Advanced Phonics

(Age 7 – 8)

Advanced Phonics introduces children to more phonemes, digraphs, complex spelling patterns and their exceptions.


“The simple, easy-to-learn stories are engaging and lively for my students to grasp and memorize “

Michelle Tay

Early Years Teacher

“It’s a joy to teach because children love it!
Above all, it works!”

Miss Wong LT

Nursery Teacher

“Children learned so much more than I thought possible!

June Lim

Early Years Teacher

Suitable for 2 to 8 year olds!

Letterland’s simple and fun stories makes learning basic phonics sounds to advanced spelling patterns an enjoyable experience!


World – Renowned!

Available in more 100 countries worldwide, Letterland is used internationally by pre-schools and parents to help children get a headstart in learning.

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Letterland Singapore

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EduSparks Academy is the appointed training provider for Letterland Phonics in Singapore. Periodic public training sessions are held annually for teachers and parents, and customized in-house training can be conducted for preschools too.

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